Adidas Sundown Marathon 2008

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Since:     2008
Organizer:    Hivelocity Pte Ltd.
Course Record: Full Marathon 2:40:21 (Benjamin Meto, 2008)
Double Marathon 7:37:16 (Fabian William, 2008)
Official Website:

Races: Full Marathon, Double Marathon (Ultra-Marathon), 4 x 10.5 k relay
Date:   31 May 2008
Starting Time: 8:30 pm (Double Marathon, relay), 11.59 pm (Full Marathon)

Results 31 May 2008

Women Double Marathon Men Double Marathon
1. Jeanette Wang (9:14:37) 1. Fabian William (7:37:16)
2. Lai Chee Yong (9:24:08) 2. Choon Huat Hua (7:57:37)
3. Tse Chi Grace Chan (9:30:48) 3. Roger Henke (8:22:06)
Women Full Marathon Men Full Marathon
1. Anne Date (3:14:00) 1. Benjamin Meto (2:40:21)
2. Joyce Chemeli Rono (3:32:09) 2. Douglas Mwiti Mbui (2:43:24)
3. Chi Ling Mok (3:37:21) 3. Richard Mutua Mutisya (2:46:13)
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